Introduction: Questions of Space and Place in Scholarship on Modern Hungary


  • Steven Jobbitt Lakehead University, Canada
  • Róbert Győri ELTE - TTK



History of Hungarian Geography, Space and Place, Geography and Theory, Geography and Culture


Reflecting on both the personal and intellectual factors that influenced this thematic cluster on space, place, and the making of modern Hungary, the authors situate themselves within the history of the post-socialist revival of geography in Hungary, outlining in particular emergent fields of study and new schools of thought that have transformed geographical research and teaching over the last decade. Having drawn together historians and geographers working in Hungary, Canada, and the United States, Part I of this two-part cluster represents an effort to bring different disciplinary streams and academic cultures into contact with one another, and has provided the authors with an opportunity to better survey the state of a very broad and dynamic field of study, and to identify and begin to address lacunae in their collaborative work.         






Thematic Cluster: Space, Place, and the Making of Modern Hungary [Part I] Guest editors: S. Jobbitt and R. Győri