The Controversy About 1944 in Hungary and the Escape of Budapest’s Jews from Deportation. A Response.


  • Géza Jeszenszky



Hungary, World War II, Hungarian Soviet Republic, Regent Miklós Horthy, Miklós Kállay, Colonel Ferenc Koszorús, Budapest, German occupation of Hungary, Quisling-government, Holocaust, deportations, war criminals, László Baky, F.J. Montgomery


The purpose of this Note is to clarify the interpretation of the volume, July 1944: Deportation of the Jews of Budapest Foiled (Reno, NV: Helena History Press, 2018), put forth by Peter Pastor in his book review, “A New Historical Myth from Hungary: The Legend of Colonel Ferenc Koszorús as the Wartime Saviour of the Jews of Budapest,” that was published in the 2019 issue of Hungarian Cultural Studies. Rather than making any attempt to remove or lessen blame for the acts committed following the German occupation of Hungary in March 1944, this collection of studies aims to shed light on whether Regent Horthy’s order to Colonel Ferenc Koszorús prevented the deportation of the remaining, nearly 300,000 Hungarian Jews who lived (or were just hiding) in Budapest. 






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