Imaging the Sport of Golf – Envisioning Communities


  • Emese Ivan Ball State University



Hungary also has seen a tremendous increase in quality golf facilities in the last decade. The sport of golf – including golf tourism – in Hungary also makes it first moves to be officially (re)unified with its historical partners in Western Europe and in the USA. This paper looks at developments in Hungarian Golf community in the last decades. While focusing on the ongoing economic, financial, and political changes surrounding the Hungarian National Golf Federation, this study also poses some questions. To what extent mushrooming of golf communities could be seen as a result of Europeanization of the country? Is it just a new achievement in PGA America’s global explosion? Can we see it as the benefit of the European Team’s astronomical success at the Ryder Cup tournaments?

Author Biography

Emese Ivan, Ball State University

Emese Ivan currently is an Assistant Professor, CPS Liberal Studies at St. John's University, Jamaica, NY.






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