Correction to: Kürti, László. “Review Article: Documenting Immigrants, Boarding Houses and Ethnographers. Burdosház Amerikából – Balogh Balázs néprajzkutató nyomában ('A Boarding House from America - in the Footsteps of Ethnographer Balázs Balogh'). Directed by Dezső Zsigmond, produced by Dunatáj Alapítvány, Camera: Arthur Bálint, 2015, 50:39 minutes.” Hungarian Cultural Studies. e-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association, Volume 9 (2016) DOI: 10.5195/ahea.2016.237

László Kürti


Changing the incorrect word “script” to “scrip”. The word “scrip” refers to the method of payment used in companies instead of legal tender. The original article can be found via the DOI:

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