Introduction to Comparative Studies in the Central European Context

György C. Kálmán, Zoltán Z. Varga


As an introduction to the four papers published in the 2017 issue of Hungarian Cultural Studies, this paper summarizes the specificities of comparative literary studies in the Central and Eastern European context, as examined by a research group affiliated with the Institute of Literary Studies, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and various other universities throughout Hungary. The topics and thoughts expressed in these studies were originally explored during a conference session held at the AILC Vienna Congress in 2016. While Central and Eastern Europe’s participation in the world of comparative studies has formed a core element for both the research group’s interest and the Vienna session, this field has been expanded to discuss Central and Eastern European literatures within the context of international comparative studies as well as the migration (emigration) of these literatures. After presenting the four papers included in the 2017 issue of Hungarian Cultural Studies, the Guest Editors provide a brief preview of the next four papers to be published in the journal’s 2018 issue.


Comparative literature, Hungarian literature, AILC Vienna Congress

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