Amerikai-Magyar Ödüsszeia – Avagy a szülőföldtől szülőföldig, a fogadott hazán keresztül: gondolatok Ludányi András Amerikai életutam: A második világháborútól a 21. századig c. könyvéről (2020)

Erzsébet Dani


Although the eighty-year-old writer defines the genre of his work as an essay, it is a work that pushes genre boundaries genre, as it is at once an autobiography, oral history in written form, political history, a family novel, and an entertaining read, rich in humorous stories. Ludányi, a documentarist, names specific dates, people and events, thus adding color to the American and Hungarian events of the second half of the twentieth century through his lived historical experiences. His memoir is substantial, rich in personal and historical data, and provides interested readers with a valuable documentary source.

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