Sociolinguistic and Contact-induced Variation in Hungarian Language Use in Subcarpathia, Ukraine

István Csernicskó, Anna Fenyvesi


In addition to showing regional and social variation, the language use of the minority Hungarians of Subcarpathia, Ukraine, also presents a reflection of the region’s complex linguistic history and its effects from contact with Russian and Ukrainian. On the basis of quantitative empirical findings, this study shows Subcarpathian Hungarians to be a sociolinguistically stratified group of speakers whose Hungarian language use varies in a systematic manner according to sex, age, level of education, and place of residence. The paper also outlines some of the main differences in the language use of Hungarians in Subcarpathia and Hungary which are manifested in statistically significant ways.


language contact; sociolinguistic variation; Subcarpathia Hungarian; pluricentric language

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