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Biro, Ruth G., Duquesne University

  • Vol 7 (2014) - Dedication: Seventy Years On, 1944-2014
    Review Article: The Vanished Ghosts in Two Hungarian Family Memoirs. Farkas, Charles. 2013. Vanished by the Danube: Peace, War, Revolution, and Flight to the West (Introduction by Margaret McMullan). Albany: Excelsior Editions, State University of New York Press. 472 pp. Illus; and Barlay, Nick. 2013. Scattered Ghosts: One Family's Survival through War, Holocaust and Revolution. London and New York: I. B. Tauris. 240 pp. Illus.
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  • Vol 9 (2016) - Review Articles
    Review Article: "A Hungarian Refugee in England and Holland." Pogany, George. 2012. When Even the Poets Were Silent: The Life of a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust Survivor under Nazism and Communism. Afterword by Istvan Pogany. Kenilworth, UK: Brandram, Imprint of Takaway Publishing. 263 pp.; Pogany, George. 2014. Where Is My Home? A Hungarian Refugee in England and Holland. Lexington KY: CreateSpace. 209 pp. Illus.
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  • Vol 10 (2017) - Reviews
    Kandó-Melocco, Ferenc. 2015. An Anti-Nazi at Hitler's Table: Political Memoirs of a Hungarian Nobleman Who Dared to Oppose Both Hitler and the Communists. (trans. and ed. Esther Kando Odescalchi). North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace. 162 pp., Illus.; Odescalchi, Esther Kando. 2016. My Escape: Memoirs of a Hungarian Teenage Freedom Fighter. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace. Illus. 148 pp.
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