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Ferdinand, Siarl

  • Vol 12 (2019) - Reviews
    Kiss, Tamás, Székely, István Gergő, Toró, Tibor, Bárdi, Nándor and Horváth, István, eds. 2018. Unequal Accommodation of Minority Rights - Hungarians in Transylvania. New York and London: Palgrave Macmillan. 545 pp., illus.
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  • Vol 13 (2020) - General Articles
    An Overview of the Language History of the Hungarian Jewish Community in the Carpathian Basin and Diaspora with a Special Emphasis on Yiddish
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  • Vol 13 (2020) - Reviews
    Cernicskó, István and Tóth, Mihály, eds. 2019. The Right to Education in Minority Languages: Central European Traditions and the Case of Transcarpathia. Uzhhorod: Autdor-Shark; Csernicskó, István et al., eds. 2020. Ukrainian Language Policy Gone Astray: The Law of Ukraine “On Supporting the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language” (analytical overview). Törökbálint and Berehovo: Termini Egyesület.
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